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About Taser

Taser is all about protecting �Life� and �Truth�. It comes up with the public innovative technologies that can make communities more safe and sound, where Truth and Life both can be protected. As Life and Truth both are essentially significant strongly relevant to each other. This company was founded in 1993. Taser first transformed Law enforcement with our electrical weapons. It comes up with a great and big mission of protecting the lives of the people. As it highly intends to make the world a better and peaceful place to live in. The company continues to improves and committed to improve the lives of its employees, customers and citizens. It offers exclusive and amazing solutions and products. In its solutions it includes: Smart Weapons (Act with confidence with Taser Smart weapons), Evidence Management (Protect truth from capturing to court), Officer Video (protect truth when it matters most) Collaboration (Instantly share files without compromising security) and as for the products it contains: Smart Weapons ( Taser X2, Taser X26P, Accessories), Evidence Capture (Axon Body 2, Axon Flex 2, Axon Fleet, Axon Capture, Axon Signal, Axon View, Axon Dock, Accessories). As for Taser its vision is larger and bigger than just cameras or weapons. As it is making strong efforts and striving hard to make bullets obsolete. To make it happen, Taser goes through six core and extensive values that serves as guiding principles. First core value includes: Be Obsessed ( where company is just obsessed with making products that can effective enough that solve real problems and add values. It doesn�t want to come up with a product that may not come into use or you find worthless. Second core value is Win Right (where it is about win with integrity) as it is fiercely competitive and has got unquenchable thirst to win. As for the third core value it is Own it (Commit, take action and deliver) as it empowers and strengthen every individual to step up and take initiative. Be an owner and see things through to completion. And it is the only way company may succeed. As for fourth core value is Join Forces that says ( Act as one global team) Creating the future is a team sport. Lat core value is Expect Candor that says: candor gets critical issues elevated and truth on the table. It gets right answer faster. With a great mission of protecting the people�s lives and making the word a better and safe place with great solutions and products make Taser phenomenally great!!!