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About Rnk Nails

RNK Guangzhou Roniki beauty supplies Co,. LTD company was founded in 2009. It started out and jumped in nail market with brand name RNK for 6 years. They are the manufacturer and suppliers of beauty and nail care products.

Their main products include UV gel, color changing gel, one step gel, cat's eye gel, sculpting gel, glow in the dark gel, builder gel, top coat, matte top coat, base coat and other nail beauty series. RNK is just equipped with amazing and dynamic products as fashion has been the important aspect of personality in this era where you need to be more trendy and fashionable.

Whereas RNK helps you to modify and beautify your personality with its astonishing amazing beauty products. As it has been in the market for a long time where experience speaks itself. RNK works greatly hard t bring the best to its customers with more advanced and trustworthy beauty products that you can count on.

RNK is considered the best combination of science and art both so that you can have the best product at your end to use it with one hundred percent trust and confidence. They firmly believe on the concept quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise so it has team of seasoned scientist who ensure the material selection and quality products to deliver the best to its customers for use.

Apart from brands mentioned above RNK owns several major brands including RNK Mini Gel, RNK Gel Polish, RNK Gel color, RONIKI, RNK nail sea, Star talk and Athena. RNK success has extremely been amazing that it has expanded all across the globe as more and more retailers found the innovation and quality offered was like no other brand.

RNK is just exceptional for its amazing and innovative products with supreme quality that too at economical and affordable prices. That means you can have innovative quality beauty products at economical prices with one hundred percent confidence and satisfaction.

As RNK has always been committed to its customers to keep providing the qualitative and inventively amazing products that customers can count on. All you need, just go visit the website and explore the beauty products with quality and art at RNK!!!