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Beauty Derma Roller

Beauty Derma Roller

Cosmetic derma roller is suitable for home use and for beauty salons. The microneedles made ​​of stainless steel with a length of 0.2 mm, suitable for skin rejuvenation. Using derma roller to enhance the effects of the absorption of creams and serums, promote the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Suitable for face, neck and other sensitive areas, like the short hair. Definitely recommended!

Product Beauty Derma Roller Type Roller
Product code E13 EAN 8588004160194
Clothed - Serum kuperóze

Clothed - Serum kuperóze

Clothed natural skin serum against kuperóze mitigate the consequences unpleasant skin disease , which operates with weakening blood vessels and redness of the skin. This can take several hours and days EBO al . We know that for most of us it's a very stressful disease. We have therefore developed a facial serum , Which helps to solve exactly this problem!

Product Clothed - Serum kuperóze Type Serum
Product code PR083 EAN 8588006372083
Clothed - Pack Against Wrinkles

Clothed - Pack Against Wrinkles

Clothed - cosmetic anti-wrinkle package . Lifting bomb at a discounted price . The package contains 3 products clothed . Serum 30 ml , 50 ml cream and micellar water 250ml.

Product Clothed - Pack Against Wrinkle Type Pack Against Wrinkles
Product code PR243 EAN 8588006372243