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About Pittman & Davis

Most food lovers might already be familiar with Pittman and Davis but for those of you who are unaware of this prestigious company; you are in for a surprise. It is a family owned company that initially started off to make farm fresh citrus fruits available to most people.

What might come as a shock is the fact that they have been in this business for over 80 years and are now pro at offering food gift items that includes fresh and delicious foods and other gift options at affordable prices and discount codes.

Pittman and Davis is a renowned and reliable company with their ever growing business. Their list of food gift items include fabulous orchard fresh fruit, dried fruits, chocolates and candies, pastries, smoked meats, cheeses and numerous other yummy options to choose from. Along with food items, they even offer beautiful fresh flowers and plants. You can get their seasonal discounts on their summer and spring selections of food items and even flowers and share this experience with your loved ones.

Their bulging popularity amongst its customers is due to their extensive experience, consistency and promo codes available on majority of their gift items.

You all might agree with how tough it can be to give a gift to your friends and family. Whereas, a food gift item will surely be appreciated and liked by all, especially if the items are farm fresh and super delicious.

They understand how delivering food can be a tough task, given the fact that the food must always be kept in the perfect temperature. Therefore, all of their shipments are carried forward under temperature controlled condition so that when the food is delivered to you it is fresh and as scrumptious as you expected! Whats even more exciting is that they offer FREE delivery on all of their shipping orders. You may trust them completely with your needs and order a juicy food gift item, in the most tempting packaging, to give away as gifts on special occasions!