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So, you are looking to cool your hot spots in a cost effective and a smarter way then Hot Spot-Cool has got your problem solved. They have got Portable Air Conditioners for smart cooling and this saves you money as well. You can place this miniature A/C anywhere in the room where you think the spot is warmer than the room temperature. Due to the small size you get to keep your natural light or view also as, many of the larger units either block the view due to their fitting in the window their bulky size.

The homeowners pay a billions of dollars in electricity bills per year for the purpose of keeping their homes cool. One the other side these portable A/Cs will cost you a dollar per day on the average. If you do the math you can will find out the amount of money you can save with this little thing. It also saves energy because the hot spots in the room are cooled down and a lesser need of central cooling system remains which reduces the consumption of energy.

Another one of the great features of these mini A/Cs is that they are portable and you can move them from one room to another as per your requirement. In winter season you can also store them in the closet. You dont need to have any special sockets for plugging these gizmos in, they can be switched in any socket just like your average home appliance. They come with a venting kit which pulls in the warm air makes it cool and pushes it out and also dehumidifies the air. The list of the features can go on and on so, if you want your hand on these mini A/Cs and save money in the process using their promo codes, you can subscribe to our service and we will keep you posted with all the offers as soon as they are marketed.