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About Entensys

With the amount of technology being used in companies for several purposes, there are many other things that have become a necessity for these businesses if they want to run a smooth system. Entensys will provide you with services and products that you need to have a stress free experience for yourself. Email security, cloud solutions and internet security are just a few of the solutions it will provide you with and that too at some great discounts and deals.

For web security purposes, they offer UserGate Web Filter for internet filtering, improved internet security, managing social media and user internet activity. They also offer UserGate Proxy and Firewall for internet sharing and controlled traffic solution. They also offer KinderGate Parental Control to secure web surfing for kids.

For email security you can make use of UserGate Mail Sever for your corporate mail server, UserGate Mail Security to secure the server, email content filtering and preventing data from leaking.

For Cloud based solutions, you can have a look at UserGate Web Filter Cloud for secure internet access on cloud based web filtering and UserGate Hosted Email Security to filter spam and unwanted emails and a lot more. For all of this, you can enjoy coupon codes which will maximize your service advantage for less.

This was just a brief of what you are in for while getting their products. You can even have a look at their free software trial to get the hang of the system and once you are satisfied get a much more permanent solution for your business. Other than that, they offer free technical assistance to further make this experience a delight for you.

So what are you waiting for? Collaborate with Entensys right away and secure your internet, get email protection and cloud based solution for your firm so that you work much more efficiently and enjoy an experience that is relaxing and stress free!