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About Dog Buddy provides you the best dog sitter for you. It assists you in finding the best buddy for you who takes the best care of your dog. Dogs have always been so close to the human beings, and they also bring pleasure and joy into your life. And there are times when you have to leave your dog home for certain reasons and you worry about them at the same time, so provides you an ultimate solution for this problem. Not only it endows you with the solution but help you providing the trustworthy sitter for your dog. was founded in 2013 by Richard Setterwall (CEO) and Enrica Sargiacomo (COO) who are passionate entrepreneurs after they both struggled so hard to find a sitter for their own dog. Like they both had to travel for their work and unwillingly they had to leave their dogs in traditional caged board kennels, so idea began that there must be a trustworthy dog sitter who can connect them with their dog owners. Doggy comes up with the vision the dog and dogs and the dog owners must not be worrying any further and must enjoy the freedom while they are out for a business or trip. And the best part is that you can find a reliable sitter for your dog near you with no hassle and obstacles. is equipped with thousands of trusted and insured dog sitters, and you can find the perfect one for you with ease. You can select from thousands of local reliable dog sitter. As they all are rated and reviewed by others dog owners so you may not be having difficulty. Moreover, all the experienced dog sitter are the dog lovers themselves that creates a connection between your dog and dog buddy. Moreover, if in case any emergency occurs, experienced dog sitter can call vet care day or night. That means covers all the particular aspects that you may want to be thought and considered by the service and help you want to achieve and it must be fulfilled. And this is what ensures it best. You can have a trusted dog sitter in three easy steps. 1. Use your postcode to find dog sitter nearby. 2. Read real customer reviews to find the best dog sitter for you. 3. Schedule your booking and pay safe and securely. And that�s it you have your trusted and experienced dog sitter for you. also provides you with Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care and Home Dog Boarding. If you want a Dog Sitter then Dog Buddy is just incredible.!!!